Finder's Corporation Dayz

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Welcome ladies and gents, to the Finder's Corporation Dayz server website. Right now, we are trying to get the site all the way up with functioning buttons and forums so please excuse any glitches and report them as soon as possible.

Finder's Corporation was founded by Prizoner zer0 in 2013. After walking around the wastes, he decided that he would sell his collection of fire arms and tools to the public. This then started the fast flowing revenue of the Finder's Corporation. After many years, sets of security teams were set in place to Protect Chieftain Zer0 and his many investors. But now, after moving out of Evo-city, Finder's Corp. hopes to set their feet opon a new land. One with many Items to collect and sell. But after the MG conflict Finder's are short on funding and need YOUR assistance. 

SERVER IS UP:Type %Finders Corporation% into filter to find the search bar to find us!

What is Finder's Corporation Dayz?

Well at the moment, it is the Idea of a few of our well trusted members to mix Dayz with RP.

How is this different than any old Role playing server?

We have decided to use Dayz, a well known Apoc. survival game, as the base and by adding a role play aspect to it we hope to improve game play.

What about Non-Roleplayers?

we fully expect Non-roleplayers to play on the server, and we will simply ask them to keep off chat Unless they are willing to RP... 

What do I get out of Donating?

We are working on Donator Packages/ "Buyable" Vehicles and Perma Cloths.